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Mark Cuban is a recognized and renowned American businessman, television producer, investor, and television personality. Actual minority owner of the Dallas Mavericks of the  National Basketball Association (NBA), Coowner of 2929 Entertainment, he’s also become one of the main “sharks” on the ABC reality television series Shark Tank!

In his interview on how to manage money and handle behavioral habits to reach a wealthy status from a restarting point in his life, he mentioned some insightful bullet points to take into consideration for financing and managing our lives to live atop a wealthy lifestyle once the sacrifices of hard work or/and intelligent decisions have been performed and followed for us to release our maximal potential as individuals generators of value and contributors in ideas and solutions to this world.

Hereby follow some of the mentioned habits enlisted for reaching our goals of enrichment, satisfaction, plenitude, and abundance in solutions and betterment of qualities of our lives. The top 9 Habits mentioned by Mark Cuban to adopt are following:

  1. Live like a student: First Mark Cuban mentions this lifestyle, because is this lifestyle of saving and adopting the mentality of continuous learning for future better earnings, the mentality that one should adopt through his whole life, not only during the period of the formal school of universitarian education which work to form workers but not wealthy people or abundance generators of affluence. Living a student life is, therefore, a primordial mindset to upkeep in our subconscious when attempting to escape from mediocrity and aiming high into enriched lives of top-quality opulence and outperforming value generation.
  2. You shouldn’t use a credit card: This second tip of Mark Cuban refers to the fact that we should delay the instant gratification that credit card produces in ourselves and our subconscious minds for receiving and acquiring immediate stimulation of our life enhancements. This we do before having spared or saved through working effort the amount of wealth necessary for the balance payment of the cost of the luxuries we could be living with a credit card. Living below your means and your costs is an essential habit for reaching the millionaire mindset and augmenting our earnings by increasing our potential gain income by generating different streams of income thanks to our work and effort, instead of just borrowing money from credit cards.
  3. Save six Months’ income: By being able to save up to an amount over six months to safeguard our monthly costs according to our current living lifestyle we can build a cushion of savings in good times of affluence for resisting incidental unexpected costs. As well we can this way increase our wealth by empowering us with the capacity to live with our monthly costs through that period without the necessity to work or be a slave of money working to pay our bills or monthly costs. Here are six months or half a year a minimal amount of time we save just in case we come in the need of using that money or forging our self-habit creation to build our fortune in this way.
  4. Put Savings into investment: Besides saving it is crucial and essential that we put our money into circulation by investing it in diversified streams of investment generation. Time could exponentially make our wealth grow and result in broader generation and multiplication of our cultivated, seeded early investments. Here is why starting as soon as possible is the smartest way to propel our wealth over time and reach the goal we set and settle for planning our future financial strategies and allowing us some freedom in the way we work and establish liberty of flexible ways of surfing the waves of the market.
  5. Invest up to 10% of savings in High return: Establishing a great margin of investment as 10% can be the definitive growing mindset for us for increasing our wealth over time with the reliable constant inflow of money and wealth generation circulating into our pockets or accounts of investments. 10% represents a feasible, reachable for anyone amount of fraction of income to replace into the investment scenario. This habit will ensure the increase of our amount of savings and with proper investing grant us according to respective wealthy investment decisions for the multiplication and growth of our richness.
  6. Buy consumables in Bulk and on sale: Herewith Mark Cuban refers to saving part of our spending amount money by buying bigger bulk of consumables to avoid greater expenditures in recurrent small frequent buys expenses which may cause our savings to decrease and, or our wealth to demeanor in contrast to smart big bulk buy of consumptions. This idea represents a shrewd way to deal with money and sparing through intelligent assignation and allocation of our costs assignments in contrast to more costable affording of consumptions in frequent expenses.
  7. Negotiate Using Cash: Learning the ability to negotiate and sell for fair pricing of products and services with fair implementation according to human endeavors, is a good quality and skill that allows us to trustfully build relationships and efficiently communicate what is important to us, for better handling of decisions and ways through life construction to our goals achievings. Negotiating becomes crucial for defending arguments about what is important for us humans in life and attracts affluence, opulence, wealth, and richness to our common daily lives.
  8. Read Books: This is per se the smartest and most important investment to realize and perform to ensure lifetime wealth. Investing in our education, be it through books, articles reading, courses for learning, or any kind of learning material which we invest in for enhancing our potential with money management and financing. This will become the perfect investment for all our goals and endeavors we plan to effectuate at any given time in life according to our financial education, which is essential for building a great empire of wealth through assets.
  9. Nice Words: Being able to bring sensational, amazing, fantastic, awesome, and wonderful words to life, rejoice us with brighter positive vibes, and allows us to attract the better of life, being thanks to our self best esteem and projection of biochemicals resulting into better stimulation of our intrinsic reactions to life stimulate. Nice words also contribute to more harmonized lives and circles of convivence, peacefully seeding the love in others which grows our hearts and increases tolerance, the gratification of all parts, and perfect harmonious coliving of all parts in reasonable agreed settlements for a better quality of life e brought to all thanks to the contribution of peace.

Thanks to these top 9 tips anyone can enhance his practical ways of investing for his future of wealth to get freedom and liberty to perform and find self-realization. Anyone can hereby reach financial success for their futures and grant themselves an empowered quality of life. Thanks to these simple principles anyone can overcome mediocrity and reach excellence with these simple steps to follow and acquire as habits in their daily routines.

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