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Victoria Beckham’s latest fashion show in Paris was unexpectedly interrupted by Peta protesters, making a bold statement against the use of animal skins in fashion.

 Showcasing her autumn/winter collection, the 49-year-old faced an unforeseen challenge that sparked conversations worldwide. Known for their eye-catching protests, Peta activists took to the runway with messages advocating for animal rights. Wearing shirts saying “Animals aren’t fabric” and holding signs for vegan leather, they aimed to shift the spotlight to ethical fashion practices.

Despite a foot injury, Victoria Beckham appeared on crutches, showcasing resilience and dedication to her work. She sported a stylish black boot, coordinating with her outfit, illustrating fashion’s adaptability in the face of adversity. Greeting the audience, she shared a moment of gratitude, highlighting her appreciation for the support received.

The fashion icon sustained the injury during a gym session, as shared by her husband, David Beckham, showcasing the behind-the-scenes challenges she faced. While her brand avoids fur and exotic skins, Peta emphasizes the continued use of leather in some designs, sparking controversy.

Advocating for cruelty-free alternatives, Peta suggests innovative materials like apple, grape, pineapple, and mushroom leather as sustainable options. The call for Victoria Beckham to embrace these alternatives underscores a growing demand for ethical fashion. Peta’s protests are a fixture in the fashion world, with demonstrations in major cities drawing attention to animal rights.

The incident at Paris Fashion Week is part of a larger conversation on ethical practices in the industry. The show highlighted Victoria Beckham’s latest designs, amidst a backdrop of activism and calls for change. David Beckham’s revelation about Victoria’s foot injury adds a personal touch to the professional challenge faced. This disruption at Paris Fashion Week signals a critical moment for fashion, pushing for a shift towards more ethical and sustainable practices in the industry.

Victoria appeared on crutches at the show’s finale as she has a foot injury.

She was wearing a black protective boot on her left foot to match her all-black outfit. And despite her lack of mobility, she did a walk past fashion fans and critics in the front row, who included former Brazilian international footballer Ronaldo, a one-time team-mate of Victoria’s husband David.

She paused briefly to blow a kiss to someone in the crowd and mouth “thank you”.

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David Beckham’s business soars – but Victoria’s fashion line requires cash boost

While David Beckham’s brand network experienced significant growth in 2022 with revenues more than doublint to a staggering £72.6 million attributed to lucrative deals, including partnerships with Netflix and the controversial Qatar World Cup, his wife Victoria’s fashion label continues to face financial challenges.

Despite a positive adjusted earnings figure, the company requires ongoing shareholder support to achieve profitability.

David Beckham’s business, DRJB Holdings, encompasses most of his ventures, including sponsorships and brand partnerships. It is now majority-owned by an American firm, but David Beckham retains a significant stake.

The latest financial reports reportedly include earnings from David Beckham’s role as an ambassador for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, a decision that attracted criticism from human rights and LGBTQ+ groups.

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