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Divine is the moment that one creates, and so divine is the moment that one creates and gives, that he appreciates everything with pleasant esteem to live, color and recreate one back with its maximum splendor for his optimal merit and experience. In this way, everything that is provided in comes back in return with vaster force, since the cultivated feeling allows grander fruits of life to grow and flourish, nourishing of the universal society of tomorrow to a greater extent.

Satisfactory procreation of a new life, a new feeling in blessing of community and vitality to coexist in its supreme enchantment the glory of an abundantly enriching and harmonious work.

Here may the elixir of the supreme ideal be bestowed, decorated, well directed, and assorted splendour of enjoyment, celebration, and dancing of all our services. May every rebirth be magical, mystical or amusefully lived in the perception of its Renaissance, either by fantastic reincarnation or epic restart of the glorious game of life.

May new divine forms and ways of experiencing love, enjoyment, satisfaction, pleasure, dances and joys be perceived. Even then when some slight falls, the lifting, the progress and the path will be eminent.

May the paths you have walked and followed exalt your hopes, vibrations and faith in the reward of great actions. Just as the voyage of a captain who sails the seas directs his crew to the predestined port or coast, or a leader shows his community the path of greatness by encouraging them to persist in their advances, or a shepherdess protects, nourishes and cares for her flock with daring, may her experiences be of immense joy. May our imminent discipline in progress for a better common future and for the next generations, be the source of motivation and strengthened energy for evolution towards a world of broader achievements, feats and blessings. Grace and love be thus always present and sown in all scenarios of your lives, moments of flow, and especially in the encounters or reunions with your beloved and esteemed ones.

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