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The hidden secret that more youngs should learn in their early years is one of the most valuable treasures they will preserve along with their whole lives. That’s the hidden secret of the compounding value. A magic trick of numbers that will elevate your earnings to the sky and beyond is it is correctly mastered and controlled at an early stage.

You may better understand its intrinsic value with a short story, like the one of the chess inventor who beat the Indian king’s fortune with a simple mathematical problem. Astonished by the marvelous game that the chessboard represented for the king, he insisted on rewarding the young inventor for such an ingenious masterpiece.

The young mathematician who was a cunning and a great arithmetic enthusiast opted to ask the king to be rewarded with a grain of wheat doubled for every square present in the board. Taken aback by what seemed to the king to be a ridiculously miserable offer for the inventor, he accepted to pay that price for the new invention.

What the king ignored was the powerful value of the exponential factor, as well called compounding value. In the beginning, it was pretty easy for the king to refill the squares with 1 grain for the first square, 2 for the second, 4 for the third, and so on for the first row of the board. Nevertheless, once the king reached the fourth row he was shocked to recognize that he would never be able to pay the total reward as promised. And of course, if for that he would have to get the total harvest of the entire world for 20 years.

Getting the numbers on hand, the smart chess inventor would be rewarded with 2^64=1844674407 wheat grains, a number of 10 ciphers which indeed represented more than a trillion wheat grains. That same treasure is the one that a smart young investor would earn throughout his entire life if he took advantage of the compounding value, and exponentially increasing value which would have made him, as it made of the young chess inventor, a rich trillionaire!

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